Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh No...Summer Break Coming to a Screeching Halt!

Well, I guess this is officially marks my last Saturday of summer break! Monday begins a new school year! I will be teaching first grade and Laura Beth will be continuing in the "Early Preschool II" class at Primrose. We are trying out a few dance/or gymnastics classes right now and plan to enroll Laura Beth in one as well. The first trial class we attended ended up with Laura Beth joining the 3-4 year old gymnastics group. She (and the teacher) wanted her to remain but Mommy wasn't 100% sold so we'll see after we try two other studios. Of course, Laura Beth's happiness is most important but I learned from swim lessons this summer to investigate a little further to ensure best use of funds and to take "mommy convenience" into consideration. Driving 30 minutes for a class is not going to work out. Especially, not at 2 years old! Let's face it (a difficult task for some of us) this isn't the time to prep her for the "nutcracker," merely a way to channel some of this relentless energy and drive. Learning to "follow the lead" and "directions" would be a nice change as well for Mrs. Leader herself. Don't get me wrong, I think being a leader is a great trait but there's are times when knowing how to follow the lead is important as well. So this year, Laura Beth and I will practice "some" lead following. (not too much *wink) I will not be the grade level chairperson at school this year. Last year (and the past 4), I led a team of 10 teachers. I put alot into what I do and helping others is a passion of mine. I think I will be quite surprised at how much I really did as I
relinquish the responsibility this year. It feels a little weird to be setting up my classroom focusing mostly on myself and my students...but I must admit it's also kinda nice. First grade is a tough grade to teach (and oh so important for students in my mind); so I suppose it'll all level out .. as usual. Well.. off to sleep as tomorrow will mostly likely be my last morning to be woken up by a sweet voice calling "Mommy, wake up" for a while. Guess I better get a refresher course in my alarm clock. Ughhhhh...... Good Night!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our First Sleep Over!

Laura Beth loving on Addison Kate when we picked up Aubrey.

"Double Trouble!" Such a funny picture. While Erin and I were talking, we realized the girls were too quiet. We found them in Addison's room lubing up Aubrey! Loving the "we're caught" looks on their faces.We let the girl's play outside and I looked out and didn't see them. Found both of them in my car buckling Aubrey in. They were ready to go. Hoping Aubrey doesn't always let Laura Beth take control.... :)Bath Time!Being Silly With Landon (Daddy!)My snapshot from my "inch" of the bed. Yes, I let BOTH of them sleep with me and Landon. This picture was actually snapped in the dark before I went to sleep. I am lying next to Aubrey.Jump Its (Playgroup)

Laura Beth and Aubrey had their first sleepover. Since, Erin just gave birth to Addison I thought it would be fun to have Aubrey spend the night and have a playdate with us. We weren't sure how it would go over since they are only 2! However, Aubrey was a total trouper and had a blast. She didn't cry for Mommy and thinks Laura Beth is too funny. They really get along great. I just hope Laura Beth doesn't teach Aubrey too much of her drama. We stayed up late, played in the tub, and went to JumpIts and Chic-fil-a the following day. Aubrey didn't want to go home and Laura Beth was definitely sad to see her go. The night/day was filled with lots of 2 year old giggles and 30 year old laughs. They are a total hoot together and keep me laughing.

A Tea Party!

Oh how I love a tea party! I am a total "girlie girl!" so a tea party is right up my ally. Laura Beth got a few tea sets for Christmas and every since it's "Mom, wanna have a tea party?" "Mom, sit down, sit right here, want some tea?" So, when it's snack time and Laura Beth mentions a tea party, we have the "real deal" equipped with juice and snacks. She likes to pour the juice and reminds me how I should hold my teacup. Sooo cute! I cherish each one as I suppose the days of her wanting to have a tea party with me are limited.

Fourth of July (Charleston 2009)

Fourth of July 2009 -- Fireworks on IOP, Charleston

Folly Beach Pier


Beach Bums...

Visiting with Nana on the way home...

This year we spent Independence Day in Charleston with Trey and Christine. We took our annual trip to IOP and had a great time. It was a nice relaxing week with the Ingrams. We enjoyed nice dinners, days on the beach, and spending time with Trey and Christine planning for Parker's arrival in October! I really hate that Christine and I live over 5 hours apart but am grateful for the time we are able to spend together. I am sooo excited that she is pregnant and entering the world of motherhood. I can't wait for her to meet her little guy and get to experience the feeling of being a mother. Loving the more frequent phonecalls to talk about baby gear, fabric, diaper bags, etc. :) Laura Beth loved the beach and Trey! She talked his head off all week and told him "your my favorite friend" constantly if his attention diverted to anywhere but her. I am sure Christine and Trey were happy to see us arrive and happy to see us go. The highlights for me were watching fireworks on the beach, lounging in my new lounge chair Landon bought me, and registering at BabiesRus with Christine.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Checking Back In....

Makenzie and Kinsleigh (Supper Club May '09)

Laura and the kids (as usual)

Lake House Dock (Memorial Day Weekend '09)

Love this picture as it shows Landon and his Dad fishing with Laura Beth... She's in heaven!

Laura Beth's 2nd fish and she's only 2!Visiting with Mema (Memorial Day '09)

Laura Beth have a blast in the sprinkler's after swim lessons...

Laura Beth in her pool with Daddy. (Father's Day '09)

Laura Beth and Jack (June '09)

Had to show these two pics to update you on the Fuller twins. Mom is home and doing great!! Babies look healthy are should make their debut sometime in August.

Lara at her shower with the tee/onesies I made for Jack and the girls.
Brandy and Ryan at their reception

Me and My Sisters

A Family Shot

A picture of all eight of us...oh the memories....

Addison Kate McKneely Arrives...

It's summertime and although I do have alot more time on my hands I am spending it with my family and convincing myself it's o.k. to be lazy sometimes! Laura Beth and I are enjoying sleeping in, playing, swimming, and as many playdates as we can squeeze in... a must when you have an only child who needs playmates! (and a Mommy of a head strong busy 2 year old who needs moral support) May ended with more birthday parties and the close of school. Yay!! I was ready for this school year to end. I had quite a demanding load last school year. I will be moving to 1st grade next year and relinquishing my responsibilities as the Grade Chair..a position that came with lots of extra work. Although the challenges of teaching first graders aren't 100% appealing I will be happy to only have to worry about my 20 kids verses the 200+ I had to worry with this year. I applied (not planned) for an Assistant Principal position at a nearby school. I had been "recommended" for the position and decided to give it a shot. I didn't get the interview and deem it a blessing. I was unsure of taking on such a job with a little one and knowing I want more children. I think I will save that one for later years. Being able to pick Laura Beth up at 3:30 everyday and spending all holidays and summers with her is a blessing I am not ready to lose. I suppose the 25 to 30,000 pay raise would have been nice; however, I know money doesn't buy happiness nor does it replace these precious years. So with that said, we'll see what the future hold but for right now.. I will be a first grade teacher next year. In June we've just been relaxing and playing with friends. Brandy's wedding was this month as well. It was a nice night with family and cherished friends. Although Jan wasn't there I truly felt her presence and know she was watching down on us kids and smiling.

Laura Beth took swim lessons this month and proved to be quite the fish ... way to fearless for me. The lessons turned out to be too simple and basic for her. In hindsite I should have signed her up for the extensive survival swim lessons. The girl is a total nut! She just jumps in the water (no floaties or anything) and attempts to swim. I have to grab her and she wants to go out on her own. She doesn't know how to swim so it's scary for me.

More pregnancies announced, babies born, and more ready to make their debut! Seems as though 2 years old is the prime time for a new sibling. Laura Beth is currently obsessed with babies and would love one of her own. Not sure how sharing Mommy would be though. We are just enjoying watching great friends add to their families and enjoying these precious times. For once there's no exact timeline for us. We continue to soak up all the time we have with Laura Beth and I do look forward to bringing her a little brother or sister someday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 2009

Abbi's Birthday Party

Brandy's Wedding Shower

Nana and Laura Beth

LB's First Haircut (can we say "drama queen")

A month of birthday parties, Mother's Day, and Laura Beth's first haircut. We were blessed to meet a lot of new friends when Laura Beth was a baby. Everyone was born within about 2 months. So that means lots of birthday parties March through May (and even one (Maddox) in June). The spring and summer are definitely party months for us.
I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Just perfect I suppose! I got to do some shopping for myself on Friday afternoon and then out for Laura and Olivia's birthday's downtown. The highlights were a quiet shower by myself at the W before going out and then sleeping in (well not really Laura and her crazy energy did get up around 8!)

Saturday we went to Aubrey's party and then Nana and Papa came for Mother's Day. Landon made breakfast Sunday and then I got to get a massage. After Nana and Papa left, Laura Beth and I laid down for a late nap around 3:30 and never really woke up!!! Laura Beth slept until the next day. Crazy! I suppose that was my last mother's Day present.

This weekend we went to Abby's party and Elmo showed up! Laura Beth was not a fan. I had to stay outside with her during Elmo's stay. Once he was gone she was ready for more fun.

We are just enjoying the warm weather and counting down the days untils school is out! Not having to wake up at 6 a.m. every morning is what I look forward to most! Laura Beth and I start swimming lessons in June.. so that should be fun too. Summer here we come!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As I sit on my couch tonight for a quiet moment to check email, facebook, etc. I am once again reminded how precious every day and each second is. A friend of mine has been hospitalized at 23 weeks pregnant with twins. Doctors say she has an 80% chance of miscarrying and will have to remain there until she gives birth. I have hope and faith that she will hold her baby girls someday but continue to pray that they will hang on and enjoy the womb as long as possible!
"Don't lose hope. When it gets darkest the stars come out".-- Unknown.

Then, as I turn on the t.v. to catch up on the latest Oprah on t-vo I am presented with the story of Madeline McCann (a 3 year old girl who was abducted from her family on vacation). I get this sinking feeling and my heart truly "hearts" for the mother. Although I know I could never understand her pain, I feel pain for her. It wasn't until I became a mother that I could feel this way. It's a sinking pit in your stomach. It almost truly feels like your heart hurts. I can't even begin to imagine the horror the mother must experience.

Since Laura Beth was born, I have this fear of something happening to her. I have heard from other mother's a similar feeling but I do wonder if mine is unhealthy. I know God has given her to me to care for and we can never know how long that time is. All I do know for certain is that we have today. This moment is here and real. Make the most of each one.

Please continue to keep my friend Lara in your prayers and all of those mothers out there who worry for their children or who may have experienced the unimaginable loss of their child.